Zoom Presentation for Seniors and their Parents/Guardians on Tuesday, February 7th

If you’ve got a student heading off to a college as a freshman this Fall, 2023, be sure to register for this presentation! 

We will discuss the components of a college financial aid offer, including federal student loans, grants & scholarships, and work study.  We will break down the cost of attendance, demonstrate how to account for financial aid that was offered, and go through any fine print, and maybe even find out what additional information you may need to request!  If you do not have any offer letters yet, that’s fine! We will have a sample offer as part of the presentation!

Also, we will discuss the ways families can cover any additional costs after financial aid is accounted for – there are a few options! You will also get a sense of what repayment of leans may cost for your family.

Register here:



Questions? See your School Counselor.

After this presentation, be sure to sign up for an appointment to review your student’s offers!    https://calendly.com/nhheaf_ccp