Students may bring cellphones to school. It is to be expected that any student’s cell phone brought to school will be placed in a classroom cell phone holder within an educational setting and/or classroom or on “silent” in the student’s backpack. Students are allowed to use their cell phones in the cafeteria during lunch and during passing periods in the hallway. If students need to contact home, they can do so through the office. Parents can reach out to the office to leave messages or connect with their students to communicate changes in afterschool plans, etc. If your student has a documented medical or educational plan that requires cell phone monitoring or usage, this will continue to be honored.   

Audio and video recording and/or taking photographs/pictures without consent are prohibited by law in non-public* locations. Students who violate this will be held accountable to the  student discipline policy. 

*The interior of the school and adjoining school campus is considered a non-public area during normal hours of operation. School buses are also considered non-public when transporting students.