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  • Scholarships

Students should log-in to their Naviance account and go to Colleges ­čí¬ Scholarships and Money ­čí¬ Scholarship List to see a list of upcoming scholarship opportunities to apply for. 

The ACT is also often accepted for entrance and/or placement purposes by many colleges and universities. Some students prefer the ACT over the SAT because it includes a science section and the math is heavily geometry based. Visit the website and take a practice exam to see if this is the right test for you. Click on title to access the ACT website.


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  • Real Work Matters - Vocational School Database

This database of private postsecondary vocational schools is well-organized and extensive. Students can access information first by state and then by specific training area/occupation. Fields include: aircraft, automotive, cosmetology, business, computer, electronics, legal, telecommunications, and lots more. Check out this site to learn more about schools that offer Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, online degrees, and Technical and Management degrees. Click Here


Counseling Staff

Jessica Russ, School Counselor

9th - 12th Grade (A-J)

(603) 837-2528 ext. 2006 or

Blair DeForge, School Counselor

9th - 12th Grade (K-Z)

(603) 837-2528 ext. 2090 or

Tina Wright, Admin Assistant, School Counseling Office & CTE

(603) 837-2528 ext. 2003 or

Michelle Gross, Registrar

(603) 837-2528, ext. 2005 or

Karen Keller LICSW, School Social Worker

(603) 837-2528 ext. 2075 or

Kattie McKinnon, Student Assistant Program Counselor

(603) 837-2528 ext. 2085 or